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Six reasons never to find the gender out of the developing fetus.

Whenever you learn you’re expecting you can find many choices in front of you; breast or container, cloth or disposable, chameleon or donkey (prams perhaps not animals). Medical Practioners. Hospitals. Names. Birth plans. Nursery furniture. It is only one big long listing of things to complete and stuff to select. It is had by me on good authority ( personal) that maternity just isn't when it comes to indecisive.

1. Elimination of embarrassing silences.

Holding low and out front? Boy. Tall and seeking like some body simply dragged you face down, over a gravel road for 10km at high rate, tethered to a hilux? Woman. Or more the tale goes.

Are not those conversations plenty FUN? Is not it enlightening, enthralling and down right gratifying every single right time you are told your ass has expanded therefore exponentially which you should be having a woman? Therefore a lot of things to speculate on once you do not know the sex of the unborn.

Bands to dangle over your much examined bump.

Draino to wee into (my own favourite fail safe approach to sex forecast).

In level analysis of fascinating facts such as the foetal heartbeat, the character of one's cravings, the frequency by which you've taken fully to riding the porcelain coach, which direction your pillow faces in the sleep (because: technology).

For some, these things may seem tiresome. But to your fine trained brain these apparently mundane conversations would be the perfect antedote towards the trusted old fashioned silence that is awkward. Whenever you have no idea the sex of the developing fetus almost always there is one thing to share whenever random strangers choose to hit up a discussion with you as long as you're waiting in line in the supermarket checkout, or whiling away the hours within the medical practioners surgery waiting space.

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